Yannic Bartolozzi

There is a strong activity just above us


Everything has started in february 2015, at the Spatial Center of Andoya in the north of Norway. We were waiting for almost two weeks for the winds to calm down and the sky to clear up to launch the ICI-4 rocket in the heart of an aurora borealis. Finally, three days before the launching window would come to the end, the meteorological and scientific conditions were assembled, and the rocket took off to the space.

It is an international scientific project bringing together Norway, Germany, Japan, Canada, and France. For the main experiment, the rocket was sent to analyze and understand, among other things, how this luminous phenomena disrupt the GPS informations transmitted by satellites to the Earth. With the melting of ice and the opening of the Arctic, the number of boats that will sail will increase significantly, and they will need reliable GPS informations to navigate under all conditions even during magnetic storms.

Between 2015 and 2017, I again traveled to northern Norway, Spitzbergen and Alaska, to visit other sites specializing in the exploration of Arctic phenomena that occur between land and space. The facilities used to access the ionosphere and atmosphere are: huge radio parabolas, sky observatories, LIDAR laser systems, SuperDARN radar system developed to study magnetic storms, and rocket launching sites in Alaska, in Norway and in Spitsbergen. In addition to the terrestrial means, satellites allow to study these phenomena from the heights.

In this work, I use photography to reconstruct a universe based on facts and experiments, where circumstances seem to push science towards fiction, even science-fiction. The bias shows the scientist as an explorer. Here, the human being and the means at his disposal confront a stranger of infinite unknown dimensions. As Jules Verne made with his books, I want to create a fiction photography book based on real facts, mixing science and the idea of exploration, that can let our brain dream to some unknown territories.

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