Yannic Bartolozzi



I conducted a personal investigation on Swiss underground infrastructures while reflecting on photography’s capacity to evoke a fictive environment through a documentary-style approach. My interest lies in what these underground spaces contain and in what their functions consists of, or rather, I am interested in what these spaces could contain and what their function could be.

I was feeling inspired by the concept of an earlier project ‘National Redoubt’, so I decided to embrace this feeling of being drawn to remote locations and to revisit underground infrastructures in the Swiss mountains. It was a small adventure to search for hidden entry points and to try to gain access to restricted areas. But finally it was rewarding as I was able to include research labs, military bunkers, hydro-electric installations and touristic material as new elements that would become protagonists in my series.

By removing and rearranging photographs from their respective and initial context they acquire a new meaning, a more ‘fictional’ status and shape. Only then can they be coherent and viewed as one whole, mysterious, unreal and inhabited space.

The series invites one to travel to the limits of society (and earth) into a place that could be the ultimate refuge for humanity– a possible haven without an exit.

Sometimes when certain elements are put together they are able to feed our most wild imagination.


Text: Yannic Bartolozzi // Translation: Marwan Bassiouni

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