Yannic Bartolozzi

The Visitor


We invited ourselves inside the forest’s foam to stroll along the harmonious curves of nature. Dry pine needles crackled beneath our feet as we moved forward without the ounce of a worry left inside our minds. Our ticket to timelessness is the prairies and the woods. And we have arrived. It is here. Within the depths of the ground and the dampness of hollow, absolute darkness that the Jura withholds its secret.

The cave’s entrance is a sacred doorway torn out of greenish wrinkles from the earth. Walking inside such a place can provoke a feeling similar to the excitement of throwing a stone on the stillest of surfaces of water. It is past this point that Yannic Bartolozzi descends and captures forgotten matter from obscurity. Through the use of light and photography he explores and interprets the galactic landscapes that rest silently beneath our feet.

Yannic Bartolozzi’s photographs of the underground allow us to see this space as more then a symbol of gloom, we are brought face to face with alternative organic forms that have been carved by slow motion and materialized by the absence of the sun.

Text: Gabriel Bender // Translation: Marwan Bassiouni

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